Waterbased Nail Color

PANDHY’S™ Waterbased Nail Color

PANDHY’S™ Natural Remover

Our water based nail polish is an innovative, earth friendly concept to normal nail polish. If you are used to and have been using conventional nail polish you may feel some changes. Only when you forget your conventional experience you may understand and accept the water based nail polish, and then you may not want to use the conventional nail polish any more.

How to apply the PANDHY’S™ Water-Based Nail Polish?

Clean your nails with soap and water, it is recommended to wipe your nails with our remover, to ensure your nails are dry and free of grease, skin lotion, etc. Oil and skin lotion repel water-based polish, so they may significantly affect the polish’s durability.

Apply multi-thin coats for long lasting effect, and to avoid streaking. Brush on lightly and evenly. Two thin coats have the best effect. Allow the polish to dry in appearance between coats – 30 seconds or more, depending on the humidity and temperature.

Crystal Clear (color ID #01) is applied for a greater resistance to chipping and gives that extra professional touch to your manicure. It also enables the finish to last longer.

Avoid soaking your nails in hot water during the first couple of hours after the application. It’s recommended not to take bath or shower and do wash dishes within 3-4 hours in case the polish is chipped or scratched. Ideally do not use very hot water on your nails for the first 4 hours after application.

How to remove water-based nail polish?

Remove with PANDHY’S™ Natural Nail Polish Remover: Although solvent based remover will take off the polish. Dab the remover onto nails using a cotton ball, and allow at least 2 minutes for the remover to soften the polish. Then rub the nails until the polish is fully removed. Repeat when necessary. Rinse hands with water to remove residue. You can also remove PANDHY’S™ Water-Based Nail Polish by soaking nails in hot water for couple of minutes, then gently scrap off the polish using a fingernail.

PANDHY’S™ Water-based nail polish has been formulated to adhere well to the nail bed. If left on nails for an extended time, it may require a little more effort to remove. For easy removal, remove the polish weekly.

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